5 Haunted Artifacts

The Stolen Face This face came from a house where a Key West gentleman had just died. The story at the time, was that it was stolen from an Egyptian pyramid decades ago, but the psychics kept picking up South and/or Central American energies emanating from the…

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10 Reasons to book your ghost adventure with Haunted Key West

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5 Haunted Key West Romances

Count Von Cosel & Elena Hoyos haunted-key-west-count-von-coselThe most chilling love story to take place in Key West was likely a one-sided romance, as Elena Hoyos was dead for most of the seven years Karl Tanzler Von Cosel romanced her. Von Cosel believed he could bring Elena back…

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Ghost Gone Fishing

haunted-key-west-ghost-gone-fishingHaunted history is our passion, so we often times find ourselves digging through the history books trying to discover a likely candidate for an active location that’s not even part of The Key West Ghost Hunt. 1102 Duval Street was one such case. Our friend Shannon Gaytan…

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Key West’s Most Haunted – Top 10

Some believe Key West’s limestone foundation anchors spirits of the departed to our island. Others attribute the high rate of paranormal encounters to properties in our surrounding waters. Key West remains one of the most haunted locations in America, with the dead outnumbering the living 4:1. Wheter you take a ghost tour or explore on…

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The Key West Ghost Mine

Key West is a ghost mine. Haunted history and the ghosts of our past surround us, but it takes patience, determination, time, effort and a healthy dose of good fortune to dig them up. A little spirit intervention helps too. Before the Internet caught on, ghost stories in the Florida Keys were relegated to the…

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Locally Owned — Community Driven

We have donated to Relay For Life, Sister Season Fund, Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm, The Key West Firehouse Museum, AIDS Help, Florida Keys Outreach Coalition, The Studios of Key West and many more.