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10 Reasons to book your ghost adventure with Haunted Key West

10 reasons to book a ghost tour with Haunted Key West graphic

Key West is one of the most haunted cities in the United States and no visit is complete without exploring the haunted history. Here are 10 reasons to book your ghost tour or ghost hunt with Sloan’s Haunted Key West:

1. It’s the Real Deal
These are not actors rattling off a script. Sloan’s team is totally into the paranormal. Both believers and skeptics have a great time, and many skeptics leave as believers.

2. Exclusivity
Forget the same old stories. Sloan’s Ghost Hunt has exclusive stops like the oldest haunted crime scene and a spirit portal with shadow people, plus exclusive access inside the former masonic lodge. The Infamous Hauntings Ghost Tour is the only tour that includes the murdered Klansman, Hemingway’s home and a ghost horse, plus exclusive access inside the hidden brothel room at a haunted saloon.

3. Dynamic Guides
What do a Conch, an historian, a pirate musician, a psychic & an author have in common? They are all part of the intriguing and entertaining team at Sloan’s Haunted Key West. David, Michael, Ray, Hayley & Kevin each put a different twist on their tours. To know them is to love them.

4. Intimate Groups
Size matters. Other companies take 30, 40 or even 50 people on a tour. Sloan’s Haunted Key West limits each group to about 20 guests.

5. Unbeatable Value
$25 doesn’t get you much in Key West these days, but it does get you an incredible Ghost Tour or Ghost Hunt backed by a hassle free satisfaction guarantee. Don’t pay more for less.

6. Intriguing History
Sloan’s team thrives on research and local history. The Infamous Hauntings Ghost Tour is packed with details of the island’s dark haunted history. The Ghost Hunt leans more toward the paranormal, but includes enough history to keep non-believers intrigued.

7. Trusted & Experienced
Sloan launched the first ghost tours in Key West in 1996. Since then, Sloan’s Haunted Key West has become the name TV producers, Girl Scout groups, travel writers, paranormal investigators and the Tourist Development Council trust. Sloan literally wrote the book on ghosts, with the bestselling Ghosts of Key West, Haunted Key West and biography of Robert the Doll.

8. Customer Driven
Sloan’s Haunted Key West excels at customer service. Michael is never more than a phone call away, and with just 5 people on the team you never have to worry about overlooked e-mails or lost reservations. Someone is always available to help, and their satisfaction guarantee truly is hassle-free.

9. Locally Owned
Sloan’s Haunted Key West is locally owned and community driven. Each year they donate to dozens of local events, charities and organizations. Sloan’s team also serves on local boards & committees. Key West is their home.

10. Paranormal Passion
Sloan started Haunted Key West before most people knew what ghost tours were. The other companies opened when they saw dollar signs. If you are looking for paranormal passion, Sloan’s team can’t be beat.

The Infamous Haunting Ghost Tour & Key West Ghost Hunt are offered every night. Online booking is easy:

Nobody knows ghosts like Haunted Key West.

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