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5 Haunted Key West Romances

Count Von Cosel & Elena Hoyos
The most chilling love story to take place in Key West was likely a one-sided romance, as Elena Hoyoswas dead for most of the seven years Karl Tanzler Von Cosel romanced her. Von Coselbelieved he could bring Elena back to life. He believed her spirit spoke to him, sang him romantic songs, and urged him to continue his efforts to bring her back from the dead. Elena’s body was discovered adorned in a wedding dress. It was later revealed that Von Cosel had consummated the marriage. To this day, some people are convinced that he was a romantic, while others say he was a nut job. Von Cosel’s entire account of the romance has been published in The Lost Diary of Count Von Cosel (Phantom Press).

Young Love: Angie & Frank
The Little Stone Church on Julia Street boasts The Rock House art gallery and at least two ghosts who may have a budding romance. Reports of hauntings span the decades, but reports usually described a lone man or a lone woman. Recently the two have been sighted roaming the property together, and psychic investigators say that though they did not know each other when they were alive, the two spirits have made a connection since crossing to the other side. Their identities remain a mystery, but everyone calls them Frank & Angie for now. The Little Stone Church is a regular stop on The Infamous Hauntings Ghost Tour. Visit the Rock House gallery during the day and you may hear the two walking the second floor.

Up In Smoke: Francisco and Enriquetta Marrero
Legend tells us that Francisco Marrero was a bigamist whose actions led to his wife Enriquetta being forced penniless onto the streets of Key West. Continued research shows a much more intricate story unfolded, and far from being a bigamist, Francisco was set up and murdered so that his cigar empire could be taken over by a rival. While murder and betrayal take center stage in the story, the most important thing the new research shows is that Francisco and Enriquetta loved each other until the very end. Both spirits are reported to this day at Marrero’s Guest Mansion in Key West. Check into Room 18 and they may show you a little love.

Shot Through The Heart: William McRae & Mrs. Hawkins
Commodore Charles Hawkins had love on his mind when he brought his wife to Key West in the 1820’s. Little did he know that his wife had eyes for another man. The love triangle led to a duel on the beach. Unsatisfied with the results, Commodore Hawkins ambushed William McRae, leaving no chance of him celebrating Valentine’s Day and creating one of the earliest crime scenes in Key West. Join the Key West Ghost Hunt and stand on the very spot where Billy McRae was murdered. His spirit continues to visit the location, and he still has a thing for the ladies.

Playing Doctor: Genevieve & Dr. William Warren
The gardens of Old Town Manor at 511 Eaton Street are a favorite spot for weddings in Key West, but they also host the ghosts of a husband and wife who both lived and worked from the home they purchased in 1913. Dr. Warren was a prominent local physician. Genevieve, a founding member of the Key West Woman’s Club. Their spirits have been seen walking hand and hand through the inn, and EVP’s captured on The Key West Ghost Hunt indicate that they still spend time at their favorite spot in the garden. Is the sweet scent passing over the bricked pathways one of the flowers Genevieve loved? Or perhaps a gift of perfume from the doctor to his Valentine…

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